Wednesday, December 3, 2008


It’s SHOCKING that our government fails time after time after time and that even their so called CORRECTIVE measures are deeply flawed.
It’s SHOCKING that they would take an entire week to demand or accept a resignation from the most inept chief minister.
It’s SHOCKING that there was no competent minister to take over the most important seat in Maharashtra governance immediately.
It’s SHOCKING that they haven’t figured out that if we wanted to be divisive as a nation we would have would have voted for fundamentalist Hindutva slogan shouting saffron groups that have created Hindu- Muslim hostilities or Manoos crazy lunatics that create regional hatred and segregations.
It’s EVEN MORE SHOCKING that they haven’t stopped catering to vote bank politics and are THEMSELVES orchestrating divisive politics. What is this “if Dalit chief minister then Maratha home minister” NONSENSE!!! What happened to the concept of THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THE JOB irrespective of caste, religion or gender??? Have the congress forgotten, or maybe not even realised, that the Indian population does NOT care for divisiveness or our gender/ caste/ religious differences? And the greatest proof of that is that they voted a party to power that had a foreigner at the helm.
It’s SHOCKING that the ruling government will not only keep dabbling in divisive politics but will not even save us from the horrific fall out of it. The Shiv sena and MNS claimed that north Indians are a menace to Mumbai but it is only THEM that have held the city to ransom. It is only their political groups that have REPEATEDLY over months and years vandalized the city, thrashed cab drivers, burnt hundreds of buses, hit and beat innocents on the street, brought the economic hub of India continually to a stand still with forced bandhs and cost the tax payers thousands of crores in damages and loss of revenue. For years despite our cries for help the Congress did NOTHING about it and pretty much looked the other way. It’s SHOCKING!!!
It’s SHOCKING that the Congress has not been intolerant and stern with such goons from the very beginning. We could have put that those thousands of wasted crores to much better use… like our security!!!
It’s SHOCKING that despite Mumbai being the economic hub of the country and putting out over 40 percent of the country’s taxes that the city still lacks security and infrastructure.
It’s SHOCKING that 50 odd years post independence that as a nation we STILL LACK infrastructure, accountability, transparency and a solid game plan to rid corruption, poverty and terror on our streets.
It’s SHOCKING that our politicians take so much care about their personal security (paid for by OUR tax money) and care so little about the citizens of the country that elected them. Times of India’s front page told the story of a common man who walked into the CST, popularly know as VT station, (where the terror rampage happened) exactly 4 days post the incident with a revolver. He walked through the metal detectors at many entry and exit points and was not even stopped once. He then went to the cops and demanded to know WHY he was not stopped and was told they hadn’t heard the beeps.
It’s SHOCKING that despite mammoth budgets for our defence fund we have ineffective metal detectors to protect the common man, ineffective bullet proof vests to protect our brave forces, and the use of NSG commandos only for politicians.
It’s SHOCKING that it’s taken so long for national outrage. However, I say better late than never and it’s time to demand ACTION and to turn a deaf ear to their promises.

There are 3 things I’d like to say to the Congress…
1. It’s time to LISTEN to the people of India and care for THEM, because a democracy is “of the people, by the people and FOR the people”.
2. The symbol of the Congress is the hand. The same hand can either caress and comfort the population or slap them repeatedly. The choice is theirs.
3. They are accountable for what they do and also what they don’t do. Inaction is also action.
4. If they don’t show the public visible change very soon, I’m sure the public will make sure they change the government…. Their time to effect change starts…. NOW!!!


  1. pooja ji...
    A woman can be a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend and on top of that a final decision maker, so their power within them self is more dangerous than any weapon made on this universe or beyond. The ultimate power of a woman just don't have the limit... so the article which has come through your pen is sharper than a sword and faster in pace than a bullet... Considering the hardcore Indian that you are, it will definitely provoke rest of the Indians to join the league of combat against our lame politicians and systems.I swear the day is near when bloody dumb politicians will be stormed by the moody masses and a re-realization will take place in their stupid mind... i would request you to provide me some opportunity to help you when its needed in regard of our nation's welfare... will not let my folks of the nation go down ... thanks ...i support ur words and the courage to F*** them up... we shall do it...
    Jai Hind

    Randhir K Roy

  2. Pl fwd widely
    Citizens of Mumbai
    Join "Human Chain" in Mumbai,
    12 noon to 12.15 pm
    Friday, December 12th, 2008


    We, the people of Mumbai, from all walks of life, of all faiths, all linguistic groups, all ages, will express our commitment to peace by coming out on the streets and holding hands in unity from 12 noon to 12.15 pm. on Friday the 12th of December 2008. The main route is detailed below. Besides that, people will organize human chains in other parts of the city until the far suburbs.

    We, the people of Mumbai, who have seen hatred and bloodshed in our city, pledge that we will not give in to terror and to those who preach war, violence, hatred and intolerance. We undertake to keep Mumbai a city that is peaceful and united. We commit to building a world based on the principles of tolerance and peace, equality and justice.

    We expect:

    1. Government must take responsibility and map out long-term and short-term strategies, and take action on them.
    2. Accountability, better coordination amongst various security and intelligence agencies to deal with terror; and sharing of intelligence and information.
    3. Joint action between India and Pakistan governments to curb religious extremism of all shades in both countries.
    4. Punishment of those responsible for attacks on minorities, which is also an attack on the multi-cultural body politic of India.
    5. Swift, transparent and credible trial and punishment for all those involved in terror, whatever the religion they may profess.
    6. Protection of civil and human rights of people and no arrests and torture of innocents in the name of ant- terror measures.
    7. A comprehensive Communal Violence Bill in place of the one pending in the Parliament.
    8. Immediate implementation of police reforms, providing equipment and training, basic service conditions to police personnel and state security forces. Active facilitation of community participation in security and intelligence gathering.
    9. Ensuring moderation and sensitivity in media reporting of violence whether terrorist or any other form, through self-regulation.
    Evolve a policy for legal action against hate speech and demonization of any religion or community.

    MUMBAI FOR PEACE: a campaign of Mumbai based organizations.


    Route for the main Human Chain

    West Side Route

    Nariman House, 9th Pasta Lane, Café Leopold, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg, BEST Marg, Taj Mahal Hotel, P.J. Ramchandani Marg, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Marg, S.P. Mukharjee Chowk / Museum, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Hutatma Chowk, D.N. Road, Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), MCGM, Mahapalika Marg, Cama Hospital, St. Xavier's College, Metro Junction, Lokmanya Tilak Marg, St. Xavier's School, G.T. Hospital, Mahatma Phule (Crawford Market), Mohommad Ali Road under Flyover, Sir Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy Road (J.J. Road), Richardson & Cruddas, A Patil Byculla Flyover & Slip Road, Mazgaon Police Station, Rani Baug (Veermata Jeejabai Gardens), Bharat Mata, Babasaheb Ambedkar Marg, Dadar–Pune Asiad Bus Stop, Dadar TT, Maheshwari Udyan, Laxmibai Kelkar Marg, Sion Circle, Sion Station Road, Dharavi 90 Feet Road, Sulochana Shetty Road, Mahim-Sion Link Road, Raheja Hospital Road, Mahim Causeway, Swami Vivekanand Road (S.V. Road)

    East Side Route

    Oberoi -Trident Hotels, Dorab Tata Road, Madam Cama Road, Jeevan Bima Marg, Jamshedji Tata Road, Marshi Karve Marg, Gol Masjid, Anandilal Podar Marg, Metro Junction, Jagannauth Shankarshett Road – Girgaon Road, Kennedy Bridge to Nana's Chowk, August Kranti Maidan – A. K. Marg, Kemp's Corner, Gopalrao Deshmukh Marg – Peddar Road, Mahalaxmi Temple – Bhulabhai Desai Road (Warden Road), Haji Ali Junction, Lala Lajpat Rai Marg (Hornby Vellard),

    Annie Besant Road – Lotus, Worli Naka, G.H. Bhosale Marg – Jamboori Maidan – BDD Chawls – Mahidra Towers, Pandurang Budhkar Marg (Door Darshan), Gokhale Road (S), Gokhale Road – Shiv Sena Bhavan, Lady Jamshedji Road, A.S. Gaya Marg, Mahim Church, Mahim Causeway, Swami Vivekanand Road (S.V. Road),

    NP-AB Link

    Nariman House, 9th Pasta Lane, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg, 4th Pasta Lane, Nathalal Parikh Road, Prakash Pethe Marg, Terrorist Landing Area, Jagannath Bhosale Marg, Nariman Point Post Office Road, Free Press Road, Barister Rajni Patel Road, Jamnalal Bajaj Road, Vinayak Shah Marg (NCPA), Dorab Tata Road – Oberoi - Trident

    Current Signatories:

    Aapli Mumbai, Aawaaz-e-Niswan, Action Aid (Maharashtra), Action for Good Governance and Networking in India (AGNI), Akshara, Alternative Reality, Awami Bharat, Bombay Catholic Sabha, Bombay Urban Industrial League for Development (BUILD), Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes (CEHAT), Centre for Study of Society and Secularism (CSSS), Church's Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA), Citizen's Council for a Better Tomorrow (CCBT), Citizens for Peace, City Taxi Union, EKTA, Federation of Association of Maharashtra (FAM), Focus on the Global South, Girni Kamgar Sangharsh Samiti (GKSS), Holy Name Parish, India Centre for Human Rights and Law, Indian's Social Movement, Insaaniyat, Institute of Community Organization Research (ICOR), Jamat-e-Islami Hind, Justice & Peace Commission (JPC), Lok Rajniti Manch, Lourdes Church–Orlem, Mahatma Gandhi Foundation, MGM Medical College, Mahila Mukti Manch, Mumbai initiative for Human Rights education (MIHRE), Movement for Peace and Justice (MPJ), National Alliance of People's Movements (NAPM), Navdanya, Nav Maharashtra Yuva Abhiyan, Navnirman Samaj Vikas Kendra (NSVK), Nazareth Church, Nivara Hakk Suraksha Samiti (NHSS), Our Lady of Dolores Church, Pakistan-India People's Forum for Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD), People's Media Initiative (PMI), Public Concern for Governance Trust (PCGT), Roshni Graha Community Centre, Sadbhavna Sangh, Sameep Pratishthan, Sarva Sewa Sangh, St Xavier's College, Suraksha, Vidrohi Sanskrutik Chalwal, Women's Centre (Vakola), Women's Health and Rights Advocacy Partnership (WHRAP)- SOUTH ASIA, Xavier's Institute of Communication (XIC), Youth for Unity & Voluntary Action (YUVA), Young Men Christian Association (YMCA), and Others.

    Contact: Dolphy D'Souza: 9820226227, Jatin Desai: 9322255812, Varsha Rajan Berry: 9820603704, Datta Iswalkar: 9224197954, Soheb Lokhandwala: 9833627173, Varsha V.V: 9869289453, Fr. Allwyn: 9820068257,Raju Bhise: 9960464430, Muhammadali Patel: 9820568641, Lena Ganesh: 9821211661

  3. hi pooja,

    u r a powerful women n u can influnce the crowd too.however u have blamed the congress.
    do u think any other party would do better,they all our the same.we need different n better leaders now.

    also please take part in the human chain tht i mentioned ealier.n spread it to as many ppl as possible.

  4. Hi Pooja,

    this is easily one of the best and most hard hitting blogs I've read in the last one week.

    Like I've written in my own blog, if perfidy characterizes the Pakistani leadership, the Indian leadership is characterized by abject incompetence. It is shameful that the dithering over the choice of the leader remained inconclusive even today... these politicians have just become to thicj-skinned. No amount of abusing or sloganeering has any effect on them. Wonder if they'd have become serious if some of the MPs had lost their lives at the Taj.

    Tuhin A. Sinha

  5. Shocking as the recent Mumbai attacks may be but please also do consider the following:

    - 9/11 happened in the US despite it being one of the most protected nations in the world.
    - We are a nation of 1 billion and growing and we are (unlike China) a democracy. If you want lightning-fast results also be prepared to be one day struck down yourself as collateral damage. In China a Sanjay Dutt would've been sent to the gallows for what he did.
    - NSG commandos are used for our politicians because many of them are on the hit-lists of many organisations. It wud shocking and shameful for India if our leaders were routinely gunned down.
    - You are not the only one who's shocked, our leaders are too because they are also human and because 'terror' by definition is shocking.
    - Two of Prime Ministers were assasinated because they took strong action against terrorist organisations and they were exceptionally brave.
    - Politicians are not the only ones spreading divisive politics... please step out of your plush interiors and visit an average household in Gujarat or Jammu and Kashmir.

    Am shocked that a thinking woman such as yourself would simply repeat all the pap that the media has been dishing out recently... things are much more complex than they seem esp in a world that has shrunk to the size of a mobile phone... please form your independent opinions and please do so after some amount of introspection.


  6. My heart, thoughts and sorrow go out to the families, friends and colleagues of all those innocent dead; and am DEEPLY SAD, upset, heartbroken and concerned for the living infants, children, Dependants' present and future life- those left without parent/s in 2008 India-- Jaipur (80/150 dead/injured), Bangalore (1/20), Ahmedabad (54/100), Delhi (30/100 & 3/21), Malegaon (5), Guwahati (40/150), Mumbai (180/ 300).
    Let us pray for a good, just, safe and secure future for these infants/ children/ senior citizen dependants... and citizens of the world as whole

  7. Hi Pooja,
    I think you vociferously said the right thing. It is SHOCKING!

    And you know what is worse....killng is never justified but NONE of our politicians or their families have ever been affected directly in any of these attacks. I wonder what they do, if they are not in the trains, or on the roads, or in the hotels.
    Where are they????

  8. pooja
    I think we ve to run a movement to wake people of our contry and make them aware of the importance of their vote. A vote is not a Rs.100 note or a quarte of liquor we ve to make them understand this. People want new leaders and new party. We need to ve more young leaders who are above religion, caste and region. People want to ve leaders like Mr. Gandhi ve a feel for country. If we ve a feel for our country, nobody can look towards our country. Every citzen has to ve that commitement.
    Jai Hind

  9. Hi Pooja!
    Strongly chronicled post. Our political leaders are totally spineless and have let us down time and again. Sometimes I am compelled to feel that if British had ruled us we wouldn't have faced such a grim predicament.
    May be the only option is war with our venom spewing neighbour and I wish nations like UK and US completely support us in our fight against terror. For last so many years I am just fed up of reading about diplomatic talks and peace agreements. In the aftermath of these attacks, the caravan of peace has suffered a major blow and the only option is a nuclear war! We can't keep losing precious lives like this. I feel terrible for the gorgeous Taj which is the pride of Mumbai and hats off to Ratan Tata for being so resilient.

  10. Hi Puja!
    I understand that outrage and shock. Yet I just want to tell you that I am not shocked at all. Because I know in the past sixty years we the commons are losing lives in scores in Kashmir, in North-East, in other locations also in the hands of terror from groups or state. Nobody had even bothered to know how we live in poverty, mass de-education, de-health state. Now as it has touched India's elite so many people and media is out there. As I know that you are a columnist, so I just want you to remember that in every one or two months we heard that some militants are holding a mosque or house ransome in Kashmir and then there were televised (to some extent) encounters there. Yet no political party or system is actually working out any solution to make us live better in a socially amicable and friendly nation. With so many different language, religion, classes we need to have a strong and matured democracy. Do you think this Cong or BJP or any other party have that? They are just some bunches of self-seeking,ill-educated lumpens who are governing us, as we never intended to govern us by ourselves.
    Hope to see some more of your good writes...

  11. Hi Pooja:
    Glad to see yet another Celebrity coming out of that cover and expressing herself - i appreciate your knowledge of the day to day affairs and also the way you have advised Congress! Excellent! It's time we, the people, did something.. they say in North India in Central Govt Offices: MINISTER BADALTAY HAIN, MINISTRIAAN CHANGE NAHEE HOTEEN... (Ministers change, Ministries remain the same) - together we should teach these politicians that LEADERS CHANGE, VOTERS ARE THE SAME!

    good luck to you and look fwd to hear more from you.

  12. Hi Pooja,

    Nice post! I see lot of oprah winfrey in you. Pls keep on positing and restart your TV talk show. I think your show was one of the best i saw in India Television. I work for Microsoft and i meet lot of people and heard lot of paise and respect for you. Keep on writing and talking. Wish you all the best. You can reach me at

  13. pooja i don't care about your blog or talk shows. You can't manage either. But you're hot. i love you.

  14. As you said for democracy “of the people, by the people and FOR the people” was impressive. I think you are damn good critics. In the present scenario Indian Politics needs some young and dynamic politician. I see a great potential in you to become a great Politician in the near future. Your all points are very impressive and also very meaningful. We like some good thoughts of a celebrity like you. Your thoughts are really mind-blowing and I have not come across this kind of thought before. Government must have to extract the meaning from your awesome thoughts and enlighten their minds to save the common man and nation welfare. You are powerful woman and can easily influence our young generation.
    Visit this

  15. Hi Pooja, please put up our "Remember Mumbai" badge on your blog, and do join the IndiBlogger community!

  16. hi,pooja
    I love this blog. I impressive to see this blog. May i will be new but I Love You.

  17. It’s really kind to receive thoughts from a celebrity like you. The way you have laid down your thoughts about our political system is really impressive and it evokes the public to think about the functioning of the political system. Your thought about the ruling party, Congress “The symbol of the Congress is the hand. The same hand can either caress and comfort the population or slap them repeatedly. The choice is theirs” is very true. It is time for the Government to start thinking effectively, wake up and act accordingly, else the public is not going to bear the losses anymore. India has been, is and will be a democratic country. It is time to fight back for our rights. In the summary, I would like to conclude by saying that India needs leaders like you who are dedicated.


  18. I share your outrage.
    May invite you to visit my blog at
    you'd probably find an echo and some ideas towards solutions.