Wednesday, October 22, 2008

attack a celebrity and become one!!!

We need to have our obscenity act better defined. On the grounds of “obscenity and vulgarity” we have random people and organisations, even politicians jump onto the “lets attack a celebrity bandwagon”, be it for the clothes they wear (Mallika Sherawat’s new years costume), the language they use, the people they hug (Shilpa and Richard Gere), or the fact that Rahul Mahajan rubbed a bit of oil on Payal Rohatgi’s legs in Bigg Boss season 2. It makes one really makes one wonder!!! Why don’t we see the same politicians/leaders/ religious groups take rape issues, burning of innocents, and constant destruction of public property by various groups with as much zeal? Why is it that the same people who attack celebrities and launch FIR’s against them for improper conduct do not seem to have the same zeal to tackle heinous crimes and dangerous people in society who target countless innocent but unknown people? Why is it that they will not personally take it upon themselves to take the MNS to court for attacking non Maharashtrian’s and for all the loss caused by their violent outbursts but will be the first to attack celebrities because the outfit was too revealing?
Mallika Sherawats short skirt, a bit of oil on Payal’s legs and Salman Khan enjoying a Hindu festival does not cause innocent people to lose their livelihood, fear for their lives, suffer loss of loved ones and property, or get beaten up! However, it has been seen that various organisations that jump up and start morcha’s and stage violent protest, DO CAUSE ALL THE ABOVE!!!
If the public does not like what they see on TV or on film, they see they can simply change the channel or walk out of a cinema hall or choose not to be a fan of the person in question. The fact is, the most attacked celebrities have the maximum number of fans and the TV show in question has superb TRP’s, which is proof in itself that the audience is clearly enjoying it and finds nothing objectionable about the same. They’re clearly not tuning out.
Has it just become fashionable to attack celebrities? Does the fact that the media jumps into the fray when a celebrity is involved in a “controversy” make it that much appealing? Does it tantamount to instant fame for the attacking group or individual?
We haven’t despite the entire hullabaloo over the years seen even one organisation or politician request the courts to clarify what is obscene and what is not. Probably because the ambiguity suits them and they can launch themselves as the upholders of morality and get instant fame. What is obscene and what is not is clearly left up to the personal standards of every Indian citizen and given the sizeable numbers of our population and different strata’s in society that’s a helluva lot of permutations and interpretations of the same.

I think it’s high time the film and entertainment industry put a stop this easy route to fame for others and protected themselves and their interests. As a family we need to approach the courts for a clear understanding as to what qualifies as obscene and immoral. Till such time, I’m sorry to say, they have loaded guns and clear intent, and we’re just sitting ducks!!