Wednesday, October 22, 2008

attack a celebrity and become one!!!

We need to have our obscenity act better defined. On the grounds of “obscenity and vulgarity” we have random people and organisations, even politicians jump onto the “lets attack a celebrity bandwagon”, be it for the clothes they wear (Mallika Sherawat’s new years costume), the language they use, the people they hug (Shilpa and Richard Gere), or the fact that Rahul Mahajan rubbed a bit of oil on Payal Rohatgi’s legs in Bigg Boss season 2. It makes one really makes one wonder!!! Why don’t we see the same politicians/leaders/ religious groups take rape issues, burning of innocents, and constant destruction of public property by various groups with as much zeal? Why is it that the same people who attack celebrities and launch FIR’s against them for improper conduct do not seem to have the same zeal to tackle heinous crimes and dangerous people in society who target countless innocent but unknown people? Why is it that they will not personally take it upon themselves to take the MNS to court for attacking non Maharashtrian’s and for all the loss caused by their violent outbursts but will be the first to attack celebrities because the outfit was too revealing?
Mallika Sherawats short skirt, a bit of oil on Payal’s legs and Salman Khan enjoying a Hindu festival does not cause innocent people to lose their livelihood, fear for their lives, suffer loss of loved ones and property, or get beaten up! However, it has been seen that various organisations that jump up and start morcha’s and stage violent protest, DO CAUSE ALL THE ABOVE!!!
If the public does not like what they see on TV or on film, they see they can simply change the channel or walk out of a cinema hall or choose not to be a fan of the person in question. The fact is, the most attacked celebrities have the maximum number of fans and the TV show in question has superb TRP’s, which is proof in itself that the audience is clearly enjoying it and finds nothing objectionable about the same. They’re clearly not tuning out.
Has it just become fashionable to attack celebrities? Does the fact that the media jumps into the fray when a celebrity is involved in a “controversy” make it that much appealing? Does it tantamount to instant fame for the attacking group or individual?
We haven’t despite the entire hullabaloo over the years seen even one organisation or politician request the courts to clarify what is obscene and what is not. Probably because the ambiguity suits them and they can launch themselves as the upholders of morality and get instant fame. What is obscene and what is not is clearly left up to the personal standards of every Indian citizen and given the sizeable numbers of our population and different strata’s in society that’s a helluva lot of permutations and interpretations of the same.

I think it’s high time the film and entertainment industry put a stop this easy route to fame for others and protected themselves and their interests. As a family we need to approach the courts for a clear understanding as to what qualifies as obscene and immoral. Till such time, I’m sorry to say, they have loaded guns and clear intent, and we’re just sitting ducks!!


  1. I M Game to Support Bollywood and Celebrity..
    well said!!

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  3. Hats off to u 4 being so frank & to de point in all ur views on life and other aspects ... Cheers !!!

  4. You are right Pooja, our politicians priorities are totally screwed up to say the least. What can be done to make India a fair and equitable place to inhabit?

  5. Yup, totally agree with your topic ,Pooja ! Everyone needs their space, even Celebrities !

  6. its really beebn done to death ....this entire obsenity ,vulgarity and all ...lets accept we are all voyeurs....and at the same time moral police too ....the thumb rule ....anything that a child and parent cant enjoy together if done in public then its obscene ....absolutely

  7. Truly said.....
    but comman man does'nt have comman sense to understand this!!!
    There has to be a counter for this practice

  8. Truly said.....
    but comman man does'nt have comman sense to understand this!!!
    There has to be a counter for this practice

  9. My dear Friend:
    Good thinking ...!!!
    Courts are the last resort ...!!!
    It is the Legislature alone(READ 'PARLIAMENT OF INDIA' or 'State Assemblies' since 'Law&Order' is a State subject )can enact laWS both to filter the entry of or indulging in the 'orgies of drunken-monkeys' by every claimant to public-welfare(in the name of or under the leadership of A/B/C/D/X/Y/Z/ or Raj ho ya shabuddin ho ya Laloo ho ya mayawathi ho ya sonia ho ya ...)that can act as deterrents and warnings to those unruly elements in the society(who seem to spring up to wrongful acts at the slightest opportunity)...!!!
    Films and mass media are the ones who make a real impact on the guillible masses as well as the informed ones of our land: the picturization /depiction/ enactment makes 'celebrities' and the 'mass-appeal' of a celebrity certainly attracts the 'bees' and 'wannabees' to the hive of ('read-HALL OF')FAME...!!!
    The onus lies upon caring ,sensible popular able,brave 'Celebrities' [ like you know who ],to not be kow-towing to widely-known politicos (who are believed to be hobnobbing with gangsters ,crime and wicked acts with an eye on the money-bags )but instead to stand up alone and on one's own merit(such as yourself,of course!)and seek to mould the public-opinion by action from the front,rather than rear-guard action...!!!
    So, 'khatron ke khiladiyan' kaun hain ,Pooja jee?
    A celebrity is one who would be as humble in celebration as was when an upcoming fighter,alone,brave ,able...!!!
    Three Cheers to you my Friend!!!

  10. Gr8...about ur suggestions and comments.....excellent :)

  11. In a time where each person is so involved or shall we say entangled in his/her own life that they fail to see beyond themselves..
    we laugh,cry,feel sorry or merely mock at those in question but often fail to see the larger picture.. what is happening to the society to merely reduced to conversational value and nothing beyond that.
    what are we becoming at large?
    i say we are nothing but mere spectators who indulge in other peoples pain by simply being a voyeur..
    its time we change ourself and our outlook towards others..

  12. it should not matter to anyone...n who is this film n entertainment indusrty? Mr. Mahesh Bhatt n Pooja Bedi? i guess no...let them jst be involved in making some sensible Movies only. This is a Media n Political gimmick...Media is equally responsible for spreading out such unwanted stories.

    n y did u delete comments of some reader?? let us also read some negative comments why r u filtering them off? for what?

    this is cheating

  13. you are doing a wonderful job with aakhri salaam...cheers!

  14. You are right Pooja. Its said if you hit a Merc in an accident you are better than hitting a Maruthi. Do keep blogging and share your thoughts.

  15. i think politicians wil be the same whatever u do in this country... but i dont think the comman man really takes any of them seriously these days especially the young crowd.. so good luk n just carry on ur life..

  16. Hi Pooja ! Never knew you blog so well. Ur blog "attack a celeb and become one" is really well written, and so true. Miss you on the Big Screen too. Any plans of a come back ?? :)

  17. Yeah........ You are always right ....

  18. As we are social beings and it is these problems that define celebrities like you from the ordinary people,just laugh and leave it off.
    Always think +ve;do +ve and hope for the best.
    dont think it as a problem;but if you change your attitude, you can feel the difference.
    HAPPY DIWALI.............

  19. Who cares about celebrities? A bunch of posers really.

  20. Happy Diwali Pooja !

  21. well said pooja. btw i wantd to tell u all these days but dint know how to conact. i like ur mother a lot for her honesty n enrgy. i have identified myself with her pain, anguish, happyness when i read "time pass". and i cried for that woman for all that she went thru. i amjust 36 yrs. and she would always be the one woman i would never be able to meet.

  22. well all the things apart .....i m not here to give u a compliments for your writing,which is quite impressive ....instead of just want to say something ..."you should paste your post on a regular basis,rather than make a long post, do blogging regularly so that we can enjoy your blog and your company also"
    Hope you will understand what i want to say, and try to change your blog routine.

    bye n take care
    Allah hafiz

  23. I support your views and am with you.


  24. Its true. I Completely agree. People love controversies, and once a topic starts, it is ridiculed on for a long time.
    Lash a topic and voila! You're a celebrity! Well said Ms Bedi.
    A time when everything is such a turmoil and disturbing to even think about, its right to stop those who take a chance to ramble upon what is not required.
    I do hope the world turns a better place soon.

  25. Are you conciously vying for the title of woman with most spunk or is it totally effortless?

  26. Hi pooja,

    I saw the article on blogging in The Week magazine today. I thought that blogging by celebrities were not true, but after reading the article and went through the links, i realise it is a wonderful media of communicating with your favourite people.

    This is the first time, i am seeing and writing in a blog.

    I have been watching most of your TV shows and the latest i am thoroughly enjoying is your Aakri Salam in Bigg Boss. I have not missed even a single episode of Bigg Boss. I just love the way you tackle the contestants. The best was with Payal and Shambavna.

    Wish you all the best for a great career and best time with your kids.

    Take care.....

  27. Hello dear,
    I think you have forgotten that you have a blog also.
    what is the use of this blog, if you are not giving any attention towards it.
    so please, come regularly and something on it.
    bye n take care,
    with lots of luv,

  28. Its an interesting debate. There is no two doubt that any form of malicious intentional attack on any individual, celibrety or commoner is not acceptable. Therefore trying to create separate safe heaven for celibrety is not teneable and a common law is necessary to protect the individual's rights, respect their choice and preserve their fundamental rights is required.
    Celebrity does not only mean TV/Film stars I think Medha Pathekar, Mahesetwa Devi, and many others are celibrity and are contantly attacked for the humanitarian causes.
    On the other hand it is also true (if I am wrong I shall be hapy) that the way many, so called, TV/Cinema celibrities behave in many shows it is bad in taste. It seems the way these Goons wants to be celebrity by so called 'celebrity bashing' the same way many irresponsible so called celebrities want peopl and media's attention.
    And lastly we are all social creature with our own rights and responsibilities. Let us takeup the responsibilities, protect fellow citizen's rights and enjoy our's own.

  29. Hats (even Heads) off Dear Pooja. I really liked the open way you've spoken and the way you've pointed each and every 'so-called-bollywood-scams' being attacked. Anyways, good to see that you're getting so many replies. I just hope 'they' are listening.

    Good Luck. May The Force Be With You.

  30. pooja u are right but i like the way u pose urself so bold and beautyful. The way u have maintained urself is be frank u have a better body than shilpa shetty coz she seems liked dressed chicken but u look healthy
    cheers mate

  31. Hi mam,

    i love your presentation style.... and u are really adventurous. TV shows are really nice...i am a big fan of u.

    god bless u


  32. i have yet to see a cleavage like yours!... Cheers girl...!

  33. Hi Pooja,

    You write "The fact is, the most attacked celebrities have the maximum number of fans..."

    Very right. Perhaps you read about Lindsay Lohan being accused of stealing a jacket, by a [non celeb] friend of hers.

    It is very easy to gain popularity by attacking a celebrity. So Lindsay Lohan was attacked this way.

    This kind of mentality is really sick.

    Great blog, keep it up! Cheers.


  34. "Attack a celebrity and become one" says the woman who became one by doing the very same thing....
    First of all if you're a host on national television, you should at least have the common courtesy to be less of a b**ch, especially surrounding things that DO NOT concern the public. Trying to instigate people, wether they are celebrities or not, of course will increase your TRP's..but lady...get a life..then again like you said...if i'm not happy...change the channel.....

  35. You cant be serious?! POOJA BEDI- the rudest, most obscene and with the ability of hideous oration, you bore and anger me to the last pore of my body.
    Your article" attack a celebrity and become one", is actually your subconscious trying to show you the real you. Dont you see it... its you you're talking about?!!
    The woman who nobody had heard of prior to fear factor... becomes a celebrity by making tired reality show contestants feel horrible about themselves on the first day they are out!! kudos pooja. continue the banter and the bullsh*t. trust me no one is buying it.
    and about changing the channel.. go to h**l, i will watch what i want.. and voice what i hate or luv.

  36. Cant help commenting on 'Anonymous, Nov 12' and 'CA' - (last two comments).

    My comments:

    You both seem to be the same person, the writing style is the same.

    So 'CA'...ALL your insinuations are very vague, and you offer no proof, no specifics, nothing.

    I belong to the 'common public'. And I assure you, I have no idea what you're talking about.

    You are absolutely vague and jealousy comes across as the reason for your omnious comments.

    Further, the things Pooja has covered in this blog entry do concern everyone, because they are highly visible examples of human nature and the hypocrisy that exists in our society.

    Talking of hypocrisy, maybe you should go check out what this word means...


  37. my opinions are my own and second...hypocrisy? You're talking about hypocrisy? my comments are purely made on what this lady (Pooja) said. according to CA this chick is a nobody and because of one tv show now she thinks she's the cool tv hipster which is true... dude..look whos talking about hypocrisy...this pooja chick is a hypocrite herself

    and my comments are made for her...not for you to discuss wether or not what i say is right or wrong.

  38. Gr8 to see you voice these opinons backing your fraternity...i agree 99.99% with you only one thing should not media also not allow such cheap acts to get publicity and discourage such idiots who get oil rubbed on them to get fame... i mean be a pron star rather then that and get more famous have other ppl like alina a commoner who got famous too but she dint need oil massage for that... ashutosh has created a niche for himself too but not by flirting with every one in the house... i mean hes get a former miss world falling for him even with his broken english...

  39. Hi Pooja.

    I love your style of hosting shows and questioning celebs. I feel you were biased to Sambhavan in your 'Akhri Salaam' with Payal. You were totally grilling Payal with your questions to discomfort. You did not ask any grilling questions to Sambhavna. Were you scared that she might start abusing you if you did so?

  40. Dear Pooja,

    I had disappeared from the blog here becasue I didnt too have time earlier as I was still am busy at work.

    Well I see a lot of criticism here on ur post. As I always say, you make urself even more special and it shows that people thnk over what u say.

    I personally feel that its very convenient to attack on celebrities for insttant fame. But I do not understand why do people write back things to u in anguish?

    Youre the most humble person Ive come across.

    This goes to all those who think shes full of attitude and rudeness, this lady actually remembered of what iasked from her from across the miles even thoug i never reminded her abt it ever again. and there an envelope for me was exactly a month ago along with her picture and autograph.

    You rock. I love u and always will.

    Stay the way you are.

    Loads of love